Sky Bet Scam – No Expiry Bonuses Retracted!

Sky Bet Scam

In another blow to punters, Sky Bet, who are owned by Flutter Entertainment, have further stripped back their free bets bonus offers.

The devil is in the detail they say, and Sky Bet have now slapped on a 7 day expiry to all their free bets, when previously they boasted about the fact that their bonuses & free bets had no expiry in their marketing campaigns!

We spoke to John from Manchester about this latest development; “I couldn’t believe it, I was used to getting a £5 free bet every week for being a loyal customer, and meeting the £25 bet requirements. I thought, ok, two free bets of £2.50 is the same and wasn’t that fussed, but then noticed the free bets disappeared from my account afterwards, I was flabbergasted. I then read the small print and it said they expire after 7 days”. John also went onto say; “I will take my custom elsewhere going forward”.

Sky Bet is promoting the SkyBet Club as a re-launch with the slogan “New & Improved Sky Bet Club”, however Bookies Live and many punters feel they are downgrading the club as opposed to improving it!

Sky Bet Club

Numerous people took to social media to voice their opinions;

SkyBet Club
Sky Bet Scam
SkyBet Scam
SkyBet Scams
angry punters
sky bet free bet scandal
Sky bet greed

This is also at a time when Sky Bet have removed best odds guaranteed on all horse racing for those who do not qualify for the Sky Bet Club (which by the way has also increased from £25 per week to £30 per week). Understandably punters are not happy!

This is certainly not #bettingbetter! Contact us at: [email protected] if you would like to add to this conversation.